Coaching is focussed on improving outcomes by strengthening your ability to achieve your goals. It provides structured time out in which you can identify your priorities, develop, test and review your plans. Confidential, one to one, face to face sessions, taking place over a period of time, allow a strong relationship to form, and increase your confidence and ability to deliver results.

I am an experienced, Diploma qualified coach, and member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.


Coaching testimonials

"Jo’s coaching acted as a foundation for me during a professional transition into an extremely demanding new management role. I found Jo to be incredibly experienced and perceptive; she helped me to steer a course through some difficult management situations and make constructive and balanced decisions. I felt extremely supported and clear in my objectives and as a result I think my performance as a new Director was greatly enhanced.” Sarah North, Greenpeace.

"Jo is a very experienced professional coach who has helped me on two big pieces of work. I have really benefited from spending time focusing on my most important priorities and now for the first time in a long time I have the upper hand over my email inbox! Working with Jo was both productive and informative... Top qualities:Personable, Expert, Good Value" Janet Waggot, Chief Executive.

“Jo helped me to look at the things I was carefully avoiding in my new management role, and enabled me to get to grips with the things I needed to focus on. Jo made my journey up the steep learning curve feel less exposed and lonely than it would otherwise have done.” Tom Taylor, Director, Northorpe Hall Trust

"My coaching has been of the highest standard. It is hard to imagine how it could be improved, and it has resulted in positive changes for me, both personally and professionally. I have enjoyed the experience, and learned from it." Mary Renfrew Professor at University of York

"Jo’s coaching helped me to tackle some leadership issues that I had been concerned about for some time. I found her calm yet challenging style very empowering and as a result of our sessions I felt much more confident to tackle my “work demons.”" Sue Johnson, Joint Head, Healthy Communities programme, Local Government Group

"At first I was unsure how coaching with Jo would help me. However even after the first of 5 sessions work colleagues could see a noticeable difference. My confidence had increased; I was making decisions and had stopped apologising to everyone. Jo helped me realise that I had clear ambitions, not only for my career but also in my personal life, and that I had the means to make both reality. She also helped me lift a veil of doubt that had developed around my professional and personal capabilities. I thank Jo for her wonderful and inspiring support and will be enthusiastic in encouraging my supervisees, colleagues and students to take up the opportunity where possible as a life changing opportunity". Cath Burke Lecturer Practitioner Maternal & Infant Health & Care Theme