Robin Oakley, Programme Director, Greenpeace UK

“We asked Jo to help provide additional pastoral management and personal development support to a number of staff in a period when management capacity was depleted and recruitment to replace people was ongoing. She was an incredibly positive boost to the department at a challenging time. All members of staff who worked with her benefited from her coaching style and gave glowing feedback of the wisdom and support she provided. As programme director responsible for all the people she supported, I received appropriately confidence-respecting feedback on how people were doing and very useful suggestions for steering the department based on what she was observing. I found Jo professional, clear in what she could provide and able to deliver on it with experience and skill to the great benefit of the department. I thoroughly recommend Jo.”

“Jo is a very experienced professional coach who has helped me on two big pieces of work. I have really benefited from spending time focusing on my most important priorities and now for the first time in a long time I have the upper hand over my email inbox! Working with Jo was both productive and informative.
I have also benefited from working with Jo as a facilitator who worked extremely well with my senior management team after a major restructure. The session helped team building and created a very positive and productive environment which enabled the team to quickly identify and work on the corporate priorities and work together as a corporate management team.” Janet Waggot, Chief Executive.

"During a period of significant change we engaged Jo to coach a few of our team and to make sure that they were well supported.  The feedback was so overwhelmingly positve that we have commissioned Jo to run a second programme.  She is experienced working with people at all levels and I'm happy to recommend her to you as a skilled and experienced coach who will help those being coached to accelerate their development and increase their impact."Jo Rogers, Green Alliance

“Jo helped me to look at the things I was carefully avoiding in my new management role, and enabled me to get to grips with the things I needed to focus on.  Jo made my journey up the steep learning curve feel less exposed and lonely than it would otherwise have done.” Tom Taylor, Director, Northorpe Hall Trust

"Jo spent some time as an interim director in Wakefield Council and was an integral member of the Corporate Management Team.

Jo is definitely someone who sees the big picture first.  She challenges old and learnt ways of working, reflecting on approach and style of collaboration and partnership to move forward.

Her colleagues’ feedback was that she was a joy to work with, very comfortable with coaching and tackling performance with her staff teams.

During her time in Wakefield Jo’s achievements included:

Budgets: 20% reduction in management costs and on track to deliver 12% budget reduction overall.

People management: led the Directorate through a difficult job evaluation process which saw more than 50% of grades dropping while maintaining moral and reducing levels of sickness absence.

Performance management: integrated finance, risk and performance information on Critical Issues, introduced quarterly public reporting on performance, streamlining of corporate clinic reports.

Communications: introduced an annual corporate communications plan; gained agreement to the rationalisation and centralisation of the communications function (so as to deliver service improvements and 20% cost reductions); delivered a 50% reduction in the number of publically advertised council telephone numbers.

Strategic partnership: reviewed structure and approaches and achieved a shift from time spent in unproductive standing partnership boards to a task and finish approach; introduced outcome based accountability, demonstrated its effectiveness through focus on health inequalities.

Total place:  introduced this approach to Wakefield, including identification of priority themes (alcohol, worklessness and capital), obtained external funding resources of over £75k to support work." Joanne Roney OBE, Chief Executive 

Carers’ Resource is a medium sized charity supporting carers and other vulnerable people across Bradford, Harrogate and Craven districts.  As part of our strategic planning Jo facilitated a senior management team away day for us.

She was very professional in her approach, taking the time to explore with me what I was wanting from the session.  She then designed and delivered an engaging programme which enabled us to achieve our desired outcomes.  Her approach and style caught the imagination of colleagues and helped the team develop ideas for our future strategy.  Team members commented on what a positive day it had been and how well Jo had facilitated the session, supporting everyone to explore and express ideas whilst keeping the overall task in focus.  I am happy to recommend Jo to partners in the Yorkshire area and beyond.  Chris Whiley CEO




Rachel Stopard, Deputy Chief Executive, (Transformation and Partnerships) at London Borough of Camden"
Jo came into my management team and fitted in really well pretty much straight away.  She got up to speed on issues and people very quickly, and I had confidence of her being on top of her responsibilities.  Jo is a good strategic thinker, has progressed some important policy work for us, but at the same time is responsive to day-to-day issues and an effective manager of people.  She demonstrated good political sensitivity and also built up relationships internally and with external stakeholders extremely effectively." 

Jo’s coaching helped me to tackle some leadership issues that I had been concerned about for some time. I found her calm yet challenging style very empowering and as a result of our sessions I felt much more confident to tackle my “work demons.” Sue Johnson, Joint Head, Healthy Communities programme, Local Government Group

"Jo's skilled and astute, challenging and supportive coaching enabled me to achieve what I set out to achieve and more. Jo helped me re-harness confidence in, and positivity about, my abilities and achievements as well as helping me develop specific skills and outlooks, all of which is of even greater benefit in the current climate in public services" local government manager in West Yorkshire

'Jo led local government's national productivity programme team that galvanised a busy and expansive set of work streams, helping to focus efforts around delivering at the big and small picture level. Her inclusive and open style of programme management and negotiation undoubtedly helped deliver a show case of over 100 tried and tested ways councils can enhance the productivity of local public services' Kirsty Austin, Policy Lead, Local Government Productivity, Department for Communities and Local Government

My coaching has been of the highest standard. It is hard to imagine how it could be improved, and it has resulted in positive changes for me, both personally and professionally. I have enjoyed the experience, and learned from it." Mary Renfrew Professor at University of York

At first I was unsure how coaching with Jo would help me. However even after the first of 5 sessions work colleagues could see a noticeable difference. My confidence had increased; I was making decisions and had stopped apologising to everyone.

Jo helped me realise that I had clear ambitions, not only for my career but also in my personal life, and that I had the means to make both reality. She also helped me lift a veil of doubt that had developed around my professional and personal capabilities.

I thank Jo for her wonderful and inspiring support and will be enthusiastic in encouraging my supervisees, colleagues and students to take up the opportunity where possible as a life changing opportunity. Cath Burke Lecturer Practitioner Maternal & Infant Health & Care Theme

"Jo is a superb senior leader who brings experience, expertise and a reassuring air to senior interim roles. One of Jo’s many strengths is that she is able to get to grips with the culture and functions of an organisation quickly to get things done and provide sound advice on future policy and organisational developments. She has strong team leadership skills and her experience as a coach is invaluable in developing and motivating teams. I would definitely engage Jo again." Ali Griffin, Camden Council

Jo’s coaching acted as a foundation for me during a professional transition into an extremely demanding new management role. I found Jo to be incredibly experienced and perceptive; she helped me to steer a course through some difficult management situations and make constructive and balanced decisions. I felt extremely supported and clear in my objectives and as a result I think my performance as a new Director was greatly enhanced.” Sarah North, Director, Greenpeace.

“In our sector, where every working second counts, it's always a struggle to step back and find the time to reflect but I've found the time spent with Jo invaluable. Her professional but supportive approach to management coaching combined with her detailed understanding of the stresses and strains of everyday NGO reality and has allowed me to rapidly identify approaches to addressing key barriers and mapping out a new strategic direction.“
Jamie Clarke, Executive Director, Climate Outreach

"I met Jo fairly soon into my new post as Director of a small charity working to support asylum seekers and refugees living in destitution and extreme hardship.  We had just moved offices and I felt very busy with many competing priorities.  Through Jo’s coaching sessions I was able to think more clearly about short term priorities and longer term objectives for the charity. Jo facilitated some really useful discussions with me about strategic partnerships and working out where the key relationships for the charity are as opposed to the ones that just come easily.  Jo used a range of resources, tools and exercises to work through my coaching goals and was very easy to talk to, challenging my responses and being a critical friend appropriately.  I felt safe in the coaching sessions with Jo and able to share my worries, anxieties and frustrations without being judged or criticised and now feel closer to moving towards my ambitions for the charity."

Ruth Devany, Director, Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers